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Northeast Moped Racing Association


Stock 50cc

Any moped as close to stock as possible with no launch levers and 15mm carb size maximum

Non Variated 75cc

One or two speed mopeds with a maximum of 75cc

Variated 75cc

Dual or single variated mopeds with a maximum of 75cc

Unlimited 99cc

Scooters, motorized bicycles, or insane moped builds all go here with a max of 99cc



  • 9AM - Practice
  • 10:30AM - Stock Races Qualifying Heat
  • 11AM - Non Variated Races Qualifying Heat
  • 11:30AM - Variated Races Qualifying Heat
  • 12PM - Unlimited Races Qualifying Heat
  • 12PM - Lunch Break
  • 1PM - Stock Races Final
  • 1:30PM - Non Variated Races Final
  • 2PM - Variated Races Final
  • 2:30PM - Unlimited Races Final
  • 3PM - Fun Races + Track Day Practice
  • 5PM - GTFO

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